Top 5: Scout badges

Scouts are well known for badges. When I was younger my badges looked like this:

They’re embroided, functional and easy to identify, but recently I’ve started seeing badges with a neater weave allowing for some great designs. I wore the West Sussex county badge with pride because I belonged to that county. The district badge at No.2 I would am sewing onto my camp blanket because of it’s fantastic design.



I’ve had the opportunity to make a few different badges and I’ve taken the No. 5 spot for the favourite of my own designs, made for the university hillwalking club. Now onto the real contenders…



When two districts merged to create Camden, City and Islington the young people were asked to submit designs for the new badge. The design incorporates buildings from different entries, the famous London landmarks; the Gherkin, BT Tower and Business Design Centre. (More on the history) 



KISC (Kandersteg International Scout Centre) use bright and bold colours. The logo is particularly clever as the snowflake design is constructed of six Scouting fleur de lis. Being critical, the design of the badge falls slightly short of perfect since there is no orientation in which all the text is pleasing and the four colours of the border mismatch with the three colours in the logo.



This badge was the inspiration for this post, created in 2014 this is the only combined district and county badge I’ve seen with an integrated design. Again, there’s a good choice of bold colours, with solid lines and a simple design.



As well as being one of the most colourful badges I own this is the largest, which allows for lots of intricacy. The design is actually a replica of a stained glass window at Gilwell Park (Baden Powell’s house). Usually a good rule of badge design is simplicity, but the stained glass translates well.

I’ve by no means seen all the badges in the world and I’d be delighted to see any badges you have which have great design. As always remember that you can follow me here on WordPress or on Facebook . Check out the rest of my posts using the categories on the left or at my homepage.


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