Top 5: Surreal Landscapes (Photoshop)

Surrealism is a movement that has really benefitted from photo editing software. Artists can manipulate and combine photographs and/or rendered images to create entirley new worlds. Here are 5 images to pique your imagination.


Matthias Jung combines cuttings of his own photographs to create buildings retaining some German style architecture.




Eric Johnson has the skill to make you believe for a second that his images could really have been photgraphed. This one has that HDR feel to it.


Jim Kazanjian uses online images to create ‘apocalyptic visions’. My favourite is one of the less messy combinations.

Jim Kaz


This fantastically crowded collection of iconic world monuments remains one of my favourites. I’ve featured it before in my post about Alexis Persani and Leo Caillard

Caillard Landscape 1


Filip Hodas 1

Filip Hodas has created hunderds of such images in his ‘Daily Renders’ series. I like the ability he has to create sci-fi style images without making them look physically ‘impossible’ and how neatly they are put together.


Of course I haven’t actually seen all images in this genre, if you’ve got a favourite that you think should be featured here then let me know! For some surreal animals see my post Gyyp or for more bizzare photograph manipulation see my series on Photography Transformed. As always remember that you can follow me here on WordPress or on Facebook . Check out the rest of my posts using the categories on the left or at my homepage.

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