Van Clef & Arpels

My blog is back! My dissertation is handed in and I have three weeks left of placement so it’s time to bring joy to this little corner of the internet with an assortment of creative champions I’ve discovered on my virtual and physical travels.

Van Clef & Arpels is a jewellers/ boutique that came to my attention recently for their Midnight Planétarium Watch. I really like the beauty of watches, particularly when you can see the mechanism, but the watch currently on my wrist works fine, so I can’t justify buying another. What if though I needed to know how things are going astronomically though? Perhaps I do need a new watch:


The watch features the 6 most inner planets of our solar system which move around accurately (and for some reason a shooting star).


It’s self winding with a back up battery, which is good news since you’ll be waiting a little over 6 years to see Saturn make a complete lap.


And it’s just as beautiful on the other side!


It features rubies, gold and of course a fantastic amount of craftsmanship so the price is astronomical to match at $225,000 (£156,700).


Of course the company makes a number of other great watches as well as other jewellery.


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