Nasa Posters

In case space travel wasn’t already exciting enough NASA have released a series of posters of destinations for Space tourism ‘Visions of the Future‘.

I really love the style of this Grand Tour poster designed by Invisible Creature. Of course, since this is a poster for NASA, there are some great bits of science hinted at in each poster. This one for example is a tour of outer half of the solar system during their once every 175 year alignment.

In this poster Mars has long been colonised. It’s very easy to imagine a Sci-Fi future where these posters are plastered across the galaxy giving aspirational settlers dreams of holidays in Space.

These new posters continue the collection started by Joby Harris and David Delgado. They are all free to download and print, find more and put your favourites on your wall here (I certainly will be).

  JPL / NASA Exoplanet Travel Posters   Creative Director- Dan Goods; Art Director- David Delgado

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