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Jordy te Braak – The Gumpies

NeonMob is an interesting concept for online art; a digital trading card platform. My initial reaction to the website was verging on outrage or frustration. Images by my one of my favourite artists Chaotic Atmospheres were sold out, I may never see them!

Screenshot (10)

Chaotic Atmoshpere – Biotops of Polygonia

Users can open packs for free and pay for extra (from about $0.14 per pack) , but some of the series have a limited number available. Like physical trading cards the packets contain random cards and users can trade duplicates and try to complete the set.


There are even animated cards. This example is the rarest variant “chase”.

Having got into the trading I realise that it increase appreciation of art if it is harder to come by. A site like Behance is great for discovering new artists but it’s easy to just spend a few seconds on someone’s profile. By making the art ownable and relatively inexpensive viewers can feel an experience that was starting to be lost through the small world effect of the internet.


My Work in Progress

The site is also a great way for artists to get their work noticed and, on that note, I am excited to announce that I have been asked to create a series of images! It will be a collection of Kandinsky inspired modern art prints, hopefully be ready in a couple of months. I’ll update you when it’s available.

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