9 Squares

9 Squares is a project by Al Boardman, Skip Dolphin Hursh, and David Stanfield. The concept is simple 9 artists are given a pallet of 4 colours to create a 3 sec gif loop separately, the nine squares are then brought together into just one gif.


9 Squares 7 Top: David Stanfield, Al Boardman, Chris Lloyd Middle: Nicolas Lichtle, Markus Magnusson, Jonathan Dahl Bottom: Amy Schmitt, Vincenzo Lodigiani, Janneke Meekes

In general the process turns out great results thanks to the restricted colour pallet. I’ve been following since soon after the conception and, although the idea has limited potential for variation, I’m continually impressed.


9 Squares 10 Top: Fraser Davidson, Jordan Scott, Aaron MacWilliam Middle: David Stanfield, Skip Hursh, Eran Hilleli Bottom: Matt Wilson, Liam Owen, Christina Lu

It’s interesting to consider that each segment was created independently and it’s only through the curation of Boardman et.al. that the images become a colaboration.


9 Squares 1 Top: David Stanfield, Al Boardman, Brent Clouse Middle: Skip Hursh, Erica Gorochow, John Flores Bottom: Austin Saylor, Adam Plouff, Bran Dougherty-Johnson

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