Germany Spotlight: CCAA GlasGalerieKoln

GlasGalerieKoln is a gallery I walked past in Koln, below is a selection of artists work in the gallery.

Xavier Carrère’s “Construction” was the piece that drew my eye to the gallery window Simple shapes of coloured glass fused together.


Fernando Agostinho (below) is another of my favourites. I love the children’s puppet style characters; Bibi the falcon, the forbidden apple and Punky (With the wonderful orange trousers).

A classic artistic technique is to contrast two materials and Lothar Gobel does it well inserting glass into stones he found in Ireland.


Heiner Düsterhaus creates cuboid faces with glass and gold.

Heiner1 Heiner2

I like the details and colours in Wolfgang Mussgnug’s “Addobbamento”


Marjin Smit’s work, with its shapes and colours, made me think of Wassily Kandinsky.


Finally, Rolf Brühlmann’s glass objects look natural like aggate and other rock

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