Germany Spotlight: OSKar

I’ve recently completed my final university exams and I used some time in my month off to travel in Germany. The country is an excellent showcase for creative artists and I have decided to write a couple of articles on some of the best artists that caught my eye. First up is OSKar (Optics Students Karlsruhe) who were exhibiting photos in Karlsruhe Hauptbahnhof.

PascalCasperS Rainbow Feather

Pascal Casper created this fantastic coloured feather shot using a long exposure (0.8s) on a feather falling in front of a colourful looped power point presentation. The slides changed every 0.25 seconds and Casper explains that the different colours add a time dimension.

Lumenman creates ‘lightplanets’ using exposure times in the range of 1-5 minuets. I originally expected that the near perfect balls were created with a similar technique to Jerome Mungapen however it appears that they really are created by swinging lights around in a sphere in a dark room!

Swirly Aurora

He employed the same technique outside in front of the aurora borealis to create this fabulous neon flavoured landscape.


Finally ‘Jealousy’ by Diliz is a humorous piece envisaged to fit the location. Diliz snuck into the temple at night past security in order to get the shot he had imagined.

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