Merete Rasmussen


Merete Rasmussen creates sharp edged, bold, swirling sculpture.


Using the coiling technique allows her to create abnormally thin sculptures which are decorated in bright colours.


“I work with the idea of a composition in three dimensions, seeking balance and harmony. The finished form should have energy, enthusiasm, and a sense of purpose.” Says Rasmussen.


Ranging from an elegant tangled mess to coral like forms the sharp edges stand out as her signature.


I really like the curve of the black sculpture above. The rounded shape makes the most of all three dimensions.


Before developing the stand out style that dominates her work today Merete explored the use of stripes on sculpture. They really accentuate the curves here and the two colours work excellently.


This collection of bowls and plates is also very impressive and would liven up any table.

Finally her wall pieces show further the extent of creativity in Rasmussen.

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