#artchain is a social media nomination in which artists are posting images of their work, normally for 5 days, and nominating others to do the same. I particularly respect artists who are using the opportunity to share the work of others to broaden followers exposure to art.

For this post I’ve collected some images found using the hashtag; the collection contains various mediums which is a benefit of the ‘viral’ aspect.

Emily Lamb

There’s a great mix of styles which allows the realism in the focus of the image to stand out. Emily is from the UK but travels a lot.

Claire Rooney

Claire paints Scotish landscapes, I had to look at pure shores twice to check it wasn’t a photo!


Sue Read

Sue Read - Untitled



Perfect Memories

Perfect Memories - nana locket

Rachel Toll

Rachel Toll

Don’t leave it to those with dedicated art pages, if you’ve got photos of a drawing, sculpture or your favourite craft I challenge you to join the #artchain. Share a photo of your own work today, something of your friends or a post on this blog. I really enjoy sharing art I like, once you have yours you only need 4 more!

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