Ben Young

Ben Young of Broken Liquids works with one of my favourite materials, glass.

Lonesome Light 2

By cutting and layering the transparent material Ben creates natural looking waves. Flows are always something I’ve been interested in capturing, as with a lot thing nature sculpts some of the most beautiful shapes and Ben has done a cracking job capturing these waves.

Lonesome Light 1

‘Lonesome Light‘, above, is one of his latest creations and is currently exhibiting alongside his other work at SOFAexpo.

Born in a storm and rough waters have no land features for the waves to hide behind. They still convey motion and look completely realistic.


Ben lives in Sydney, the perfect place for inspiration for these sculptures. I really like peaceful ‘Deserted’ (above). The flow of the underlying curve of the island complements the waves.

Branching out from waves this unborn child in ‘New Beginnings’ is a great way to take advantage of the transparency. The blue glow is reminiscent of ultrasound images but in 3D.

Ben is one of those artists where I have to resist taking every single image of his site as they’re all so great. Make sure to check it out here. His ‘The Beacon’ (below) has just won the Viewers Choice Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize! Congratulations Ben!

The Beacon

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New Lands II

New Lands II

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