Stuart Manning – Doctor Who Posters: Part 2

The final episode of Doctor Who airs this time tomorrow so it’s time for a review of Stuart Manning‘s fantastic posters created for the Radio Times. (Part 1 featured the first six.)

SPOILER ALERT: Don’t look if you don’t want to hear about Episode 11 (last week) or before.

Who 8

Episode eight was set on the intergalactic Orient Express giving Stuart the perfect opportunity to continue his retro theme with an Art Deco style poster, fonts and all.

Who 9

Flatline followed, some unfortunate mathematical flaws in the plot, but a great graffiti poster which still incorporates posterized shapes and Capaldi’ iconic red flare.

Episode 11 and 12 form the Finale for this series. I like how the 3W logo reflects the Cybermen’s eyes and also the Gallifreyan letter system. I hate spoilers, especially if they’re for doctor Who, so I won’t analyse the final poster in too much detail. Here it is, The Mistress and her army:

Who 12

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