2nd Anniversary

It’s the second anniversary of this blog (Plus around 12 hours), in some ways it’s hard to believe, but looking back at my 143 posts I think it’s pretty good going. In this post I have included a selection of interesting bits and bobs from the web I’ve seen recently which don’t quite make a whole post by themselves.


Above is Design Bolts set of ‘Hand Stich Social Icons’. They are beautiful buttons that you can use for free on your website so long as you provide a back link to designbolts.com. They’re really well designed and I’d love to see a website that incorporated them in a soft fabric theme. There’s no WordPress button, but in a similar larger set (below) there are 40 different social buttons. I was really surprised to see such a range of icons at iconarchive.com


There not just limited to websites of course, you could use MiXthepiX‘s Jules Verne icon set on your desktop:


Next up, hipstomp has complied a showcase of ‘Animal Architecture’; birds building colouful homes to attract mates.


This nest was constructed by a Bowerbird, photographed by Tim Laman.

Finally, here’s Momir Bojic in his wooden VW Beetle, dubbed the ‘Oakswagen’.

Wooden Volkswagen Beetle 6

There really are some beautiful details.

Wooden Volkswagen Beetle 2

Wooden Volkswagen Beetle 3

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