Art Basel 2014 (Part IV)

This last in my series of posts on Art Basel 2014 looks at all the art work I deemed worthy of sharing that didn’t fit into the categories of glass, geometry or sculpture. (Read my previous posts here: I, II, III)


‘all the colors of the dark’ Alexander Gutke repeatedly prints on ‘Subtraktion’. The phrase is a clever play on the difference between addition of colour in light and on paper. White light can be split into the colour of the rainbow, when you add them back together they become white again. On paper cyan ink absorbs all of the light except blue so it is subtracting the remaining colours. When yellow, cyan and magenta are all printed on top of each other pretty much every shade is being absorbed so we are left with the dark splodge at the centre.

Igor Baskakov - Snickers

Igor Baskakov is a master a creating posters for popular western brands in a soviet-communist propoganda style. This Snickers poster seems to show a Russian man posing idealised to Lenin and Marx, akin to the iconic Lenin-Marxism poster.

Keith Haring - Untitled

Keith Haring gets the right mix of solid colour and line in this weird conjoined twin dance.

Art & Language - Letters to the Red Krayola 14

Art and Language are quite a well known group of contemporary artists. I haven’t read the statement in the middle (perhaps avoiding the groups aim), but I just enjoy the explosion of music.

Worth a Look

This final ‘Worth a Look’ Gallery contains an array of colour and an example of Herman Chong’s extensive book cover artwork.

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