Goodwood FOS 2014 Highlights

Last weekend I attended the opening day of the 21st Goodwood Festival of Speed, an annual motor show displaying everything from classic to pre-release cars and bikes with an emphasis on speed. This post will look at the cars with best designs and art around the festival.


Last year I created a selection of highlights (Goodwood FOS 2013 Highlights) about at the best looking cars. With that in mind, this year I was on the look out for some new, good looking cars. Halfway around and I had seen some fantastic pieces of engineering, but nothing that wasn’t cased in a boring everyday shell. That is until I came across the Renault stand.

2014-03-01 18.15.29

As usual France has the edge when it comes to car design and the stand featured not just one, but six concepts! Above is the Renault Dezir a “sporty 2-seater coupĂ©” which “epitomises automotive passion with voluptuous shapes seemingly sculpted into its body”. Below are some collages to show off the design features of the Twin’Run and Captur.

Captur Twin'Run

Also on show were smaller models of two more concepts revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show.


The bulbous Renault Frendzy,


Perhaps the most exciting design, the Renault Initiale Paris, features a roof depicting the streets of Paris. It is said to be a preview of Renault’s replacement for the Espace.

Next door the Nissan stand were set to unveil the Concept 2020. It certainly looked fast underneath the cover, and unveiled it rather resembled the Batmobile.

Back to the French with Peugeot’s concept Exalt, the main features being a wooden dashboard and the red ‘Shark Skin’ rear contrasted with the standard silver metal body. (See last year’s post for a better realisation of this technique on the Onyx)

Another Peugeot caught my eye, and this time it wasn’t a concept! The 2008 DKR is not a production car either, but will compete in the 2015 Dakar Challenge.

Art At The Show

Guests always look forward to the sculpture placed in front of Goodwood House. This years marks 80 years of Mercedes Benz and Auto Union’s Silver Arrows. These are any of the cars raced by the team in the period 1934-1939.

This year’s sculpture extends and arcs right over the front of the house into the courtyard behind at a height of 26m, it features a 1934 W 25 and Lewis Hamilton’s AMG Petronas W04.


In addition to the sculpture 12 images, created with the aid of 3D computer software, celebrate the anniversary.


They are incredibly detailed and fantastic images full of life and action.

Finally, enjoy a gallery of posters and what I consider ‘nice bits’ of cars. For instance, the shape of a headlight only really affects design and therefore it is appropriate to judge solely on looks.

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