Art Basel 2014 (Part III – Sculpture)

To start this third post on Art Basel 2014 I am looking at Bjorn Dahlem’s astrophysics-inspired sculpture.

They manage to purvey simultaneously both scientific and ‘thrown together’ vibes.

Alexander Calder produced balanced decorations in a similar style.

Hans-Peter Feldmann - Shoes

The golden shoes above created by Hans-Peter Feldmann look shiny and attractive, but have a small detail that may stop you trying them on. At first I hope for a small scenic landscape flowing over the shoe, but on closer inspection the abnormalities are golden drawing pins. I don’t think it’s a design to punish women for liking nice things, but more a commentary on the lengths some will go to to have pretty shoes or other nice things.

John Chambelain’s folded metal sculptures remind me of Ichwan Noor‘s ‘Spherical Beetle’ which featured at last year’s Art Basle Hong Kong and pre-dates it by almost 50 years. The colours make the sculpture more than just a shape, especially in ‘Miss Remembered Ford’.

Worth a Look

When it comes to sculpture curves are always a good choice. In the gallery are five delightful curvy sculptures.

And below are some more sculptures that are ‘worth a look’.

Make sure you also read Parts I & II. To see more from Art Basel click here.

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