Art Basel 2014 (Part I – Glass)

Art Basel is an annual art show which this year opened for June 19–22. Artwork from a number of big names are on display; Andy Warhol, Antony Gormley and Barbara Hepworth are first in the register. Previously I have blogged about the Hong Kong show and another annual occurrence is Art Basel Miami Beach. The show is huge, with over 3,000 works and 90,000 visitors. In four parts I will explore a selection of artists which caught my attention. The first is a short section on the use of glass and a gallery of some interesting artwork which I titled ‘Worth a Look’.

Isa Genzken 1

Berlin is a unique capital when it comes to architecture, a crisp, clear cut line still separates the city. Isa Genzken’s ‘New Buildings for Berlin’ is a collection of architectural ideas, embodied in glass, for new skyscrapers.

 Isa Genzken 2

The designs, whilst not in touch with reality, are elegant and inspirational. Glass is a fascinating material which always captures my eye. When used well it creates some of the most beautiful man made scenes.

Daniel Buren

Daniel Buren’s ‘Frise colorée demi-cylindrique (above) is an installation in the gallery at Quarantanni d’Arte Contemporanea. Coloured glass not only occupies the two dimensional window space but fills the room. I think it is this quality, that changes the surrounding space to compliment the work, that captivates me.

Sticking close to the glass theme, David Maljkovic and Jack Lavender both use glass containers to mould the shape of palm leaves and plastic ivy vines.

The differences are interesting, whilst Maljkovic completely encases the palm leaves so that they are bordered by the harsh corners and edges of the plexiglass Lavender’s ivy spills out and wraps around the curved vase reminiscent of an old abandoned greenhouse reclaimed by the plants it once held.

Worth a Look

Finally, here is a gallery showcasing a few more (non-glass) works which I would identify as ‘Worth a Look’.

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