The Tube on your PC

In this final instalment of ‘Tube Month‘ I am going to look at two cases of the tube in electronic form.

Mini Metro is a game currently in development by Dinosaur Polo Club. You might wonder why I have included a game on an ‘art & design’ blog but, based on the tube map, a combination of simple graphics and a fun objective turn the app from just a game to interactive art.

Screenshot (87)

Users must connect the stations by different coloured lines to transport passengers to their destination.

You can play and download the alpha version here.

There are white model trains at souvenir vendors in London to paint or ‘graffiti’ yourself (without breaking the law). An alternative if you aren’t prepared to pay for a model is to go on and spray, or ‘bomb’, virtually.

Screenshot (112)

I simply left a tag, but some users have gone into great detail:

Admittedly the trains here are German and one from the New York Subway.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Tube Month, I certainly have!

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