Ileana Surducan

Tea, biscuits and crime solving

Ileana Surducan is an illustrator, creating characters in sketch and with watercolour. The image above ‘Tea, biscuits and crime solving’ depicts a gathering of recent incarnations of TV detectives.

I have chosen to feature Ileana above other illustrators because of her narrative ‘Silent Comics’.

The Secret of Life 1

The comics tell a story without words. The images above and below form a story named ‘The Secret of Life’.

The Secret of Life 2

The Secret of Life 3

The Secret of Life 4

The stories are strangely creative and sporadic. With the beautifuls panels viewers are left to fill in some of the story for themselves.

This fun character below is one of Surducan’s characters. Even without words she is able to convey a lot in a single image.


Because the stories are quite long I have put the next one ‘A cup of tea’ in a gallery. Start with the top left and use the arrows to navigate through the Carroll-esque tale of a girl and rabbit

In addition to the silent comics Surducan creates some fun standalone comics like the zebras below.


That bottom right smug looking zebra seems a bit suspicious to me!

Here’s another comic ‘The Umbrella’ using a more vibrant pallet of colours to give the story a different feel:

Le Château et ses fantômes 4

This fantastic sketch is part of one of my favourite of Ileana’s comics ‘Le Château et ses fantômes’ (or The castle with phantoms). Sometimes a simple sketch and a limited pallet make for some of the most beautiful watercolours. You can see the full comic here.

You can see the rest of Ileana’s work on her blog or a selection on Behance. You can follow me here on WordPress or on Facebook . Checkout the rest of my posts using the categories on the left or at my homepage.

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