Jim Osborne

As a child I expect on at least one long car journey you used your finger to draw your name or a smiley face onto a condensation covered window. Even for a short name like TOM I would find that even as I drew the M my T was transforming into a number of dripping lines and a smiley face would quickly begin to cry.

Jim Osborne however is an expert at creating silhouettes on steamy windows.


Night Out

He uses the world outside his window as a backdrop to the scenes he creates.



His mastery of the technique is heightened by an ability to use the colours outside to shade the figures on the glass.

Mornin light

Mornin’ light

The images are reminiscent of watercolours which is almost ironic given that Osborne considers H2O his medium of choice.

You can see more of Jim’s Steamy Windows on Facebook or at osborneart.com as well as some acrylic paintings.

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