Klari Reis

Klari Reis uses special plastic, epoxy polymers with dyes to create Petri dish scenes inspired by biological experiments.

Solar Blobs

Solar Blobs

The bold, colourful plastics are visually stunning and create fantastic abstracts.

Acid rain

Acid rain

Klari posts a new image to her blog each day meaning there are hundreds in the collection. On mass they present a wide variety and I was quite content looking through over a years worth of uploads.

A number of the dishes look like astronomic dioramas; a direct contrast between the microscopic biological reactions they represent and the macroscopic galaxies. It draws parallels and reminds us of the fractal nature of the universe.

The sun will come tomorrow

The sun will come tomorrow

I love this warming sample above, it looks like it has a huge smile!

Age of Aquarius

Age of Aquarius

In addition to the space and biology references Reis takes us under the ocean with ‘Age of Aquarius’.

‘Hypochondria’, below combines a variety of colours and sizes in a large collective.


Reis has also used the unique plastic with other mediums. Before the ‘Dish a Day’ project she published 99 Bottles of Art‘ dropping objects through apothecary bottles to create coloured 3-dimensional landscapes.

Finally I’ll leave you with some city topologies made again with the natural biology look.

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