Michael Verheyden

I’ve previously posted about Michael Grab’s Gravity Glue. He balances rocks to create stunning sculptures. Michael Verheyden balances all sorts of objects as a from of meditation creating some great photos.

Balanced MetalThe blue steel really stands out against the monochrome. Note the pattern on the wall behind the scaffolding. The contrast of angles matches the contrasting angles of the balanced concrete and steel

Urban Balance

Michael is very humble and told me that he does not consider himself an artist and just balances these objects for relaxation. The photos however, taken on his smartphone, are undeniably proof of creativity.

Balancing glasses

He even brings the balancing inside using glasses and bottles (perhaps don’t try this at the pub, or church until you’ve had some practice).


You can follow Michael on Facebook. You can follow me here on WordPress or on Facebook. Checkout the rest of my posts using the categories on the left. You can find Steve’s website here or like him on Facebook.

One response to “Michael Verheyden

  1. I have followed michael for a while on youtube and find his ‘art’ quite magical.

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