Top 5: Temari

Temari is a form of art in China and Japan creating beautiful woven spheres which traditionally are given to children for the new year. There’s a bit of crossover between my Top 5 series and my Maths in Art series as I share my 5 favourite woven, spherically geometric artists.



Selkey Moonbeam on instructables has put together a great how-to for the multi coloured temari above.


Rududu Carolina

Rududu Carolina has created this temari which, to me, appears to show great beams of light in a sunset with fluffy white clouds.


Oxana Kabardina

Oxana Kabardina has a whole album of temari on Flickr. Since English New Year is so close to Christmas I’ve included her snowflake design below!



Glenna Kipp

Glenna Kipp has been really creative and used maps from an atlas to create an accurate globe temari she calls ‘Blue Marble’.


Chiyoe Kubota

The top spot goes to Chiyoe Kubota, a master of the art. Already attracting a number of views from temari artists on youtube, her granddaughter uploaded photos of over400 temari to Flickr. Rcently the photos have re-sparked an interest in the west. The bright colour in pentagons on the photo above look almost like stained glass especially with the bright yellow in the light. Below is another christmassy couple.

Chiyoe Kubota2

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Here’s one more temari that I think is beautiful and unique, unfortunately I cannot find an artist to accredit it to.


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