Alexey Kljatov

It’s very almost December and this blog is getting Christmassy!


Alexey Kljatov creates amazing macro photographs of snowflakes using cheap digital camera (Canon A650 about £170 – relatively cheap in photography terms) and an old SLR lens taped together on a plank of wood.


It’s inspiring to see such fantastic macro images produced with equipment that you don’t need to be a professional to own.


He leaves a grey wollen jumper or a glass plate outside his house in Moscow then zooms in and uses the cameras macro mode with auto-focus.


I think the woll provides a really great backdrop, whilst the glass allows us to see the fantastic structure formed by the water.


By using film interference Kljatov was able to produce some colour on the flake. It makes a very Christmas-esque pattern.


This trail of connected snowflakes is brilliant. Each new image is unique and interesting in it’s own right, I would have loved to include the whole Flickr stream it’s certainly worth a look.

You can see Alexey’s blog post about his setup here. You can follow me here on WordPress or on Facebook. It’s almost the end of National Blog Posting Month, so please make one final effort in sharing my posts! =)


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