Андрей Осокин

Андрей Осокин (read Andrew) is a macro photographer who chooses to take the majority of his photos at dawn when the dew dramatically coats the microscopic world.

Two halves of...

I’ve made quite a point before of distinguishing between a skill and creativity. Getting the setting right and even choosing a good composition can be learnt but some of Андрей’s have a spark of the creative.

Опоздавшее письмо..

Many of his titles are unimaginative descriptions but ‘Dreams’ below casts powerful imagery and proves that just taking a good picture won’t invoke the viewer (imagine if it was just called ‘ant’)


Snowflakes are a great example of beauty through mathematics, this time originating in nature.

Below are some more great shots, you can follow Осокин on LensArt. You can follow me here on WordPress or on Facebook. Do feel free to share and comment!



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