Photography Transformed 2: Randy Scott Slavin

In the first part of the series I looked at how Jerome Mungapen used a polar transformation to create beautiful planets, many other photographers have also created their own planets, Randy Scott Slavin uses the same polar transformation but wraps the photo in the opposite direction.

Empire State

The Skyline still forms an elegant circle, the deviation from something we recognise draws interest to an otherwise generic New York city skyline panorama.

Battery Park Night

By varying the point from which the centre of the transformation is made we almost roll into one side of the photo. Compare the lines created by tiling in the photo above with Perugino’s Delivery of the Keys below.


The next photo at first surprised me, it looked like a bad bit of photoshopping around the central ring.


The smudges are in fact reflections in the water, the strange shape is hard to comprehend and looks like a hole torn through earth.

Lighthouse Bridge

Lighthouse Bridge again is rather abstract, the way Salvin plays with parallel an perpendicular lines is intriguing.  As Randy turned in a circle to take an image each railing on the bridge mapped out an arc due to the ends being further away, this then became a handsome crescent shape in polar coordinates (for those that have studied polar coordinates the arcs in part are like the cos or sin trigonometric functions).

Big Sur

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