Top 5: DCon 2013

Designer Con is an event for designers to show off their stuff and happened over the weekend. There are some garish monsters you’d expect to find in a tacky souvenir shop or even your Happy Meal, but there’s also some excellent art.


Drilone2DrilOne turned a minion into a gas-masked worker. I can just imagine Gru sending this poor minion on a mission to reconstruct a rusty spacecraft.



Kat Brunnegraff and Dragtomi teamed together to create some nice andriod minatures,  the nice simple design makes a great canvas.


Carson Catlin

Carson Catlin create reticulated custom toys. I love the design and contrasting colours.


Patrick Balleros2

Patrick Ballesteros has a really fantastic cartoon style and chooses great subject matter.Patrick Balleros


Jungle Madness

Jungle Madness (a.k.a. WuzOne) also creates great toy customs, what I really like is how in addition he displays them in their full 3-dimensions on canvas.


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