Top 5: Nikon Photomicrography Competition 2013

Wim van Egmond

Subject Matter: Chaetoceros debilis (marine diatom), a colonial plankton organism
Technique: Differential Interference Contrast, Image Stacking

Earlier today Nikon published the results to this years photomicrography competition. The scientists have had their say and awarded Wim van Egmond’s image of Chaetoceros debilis (A subspecies of algae) with 1st prize, now I’ll present my top 5 based mainly on visual content as opposed to scientific interest.


Dorit Hockman

Subject Matter: Chamaeleo calyptratus (veiled chameleon) embryo
Technique: Brightfield
Awarded: 4th Place

Dorit Hockman captured a chameleon embryo where red represents bone and blue is cartilage.


Haris Antonopoulos

Subject Matter: Soap bubble
Technique: Polarized Light
Awarded: Image of Distinction

Haris Antonopoulos presents a more abstract image yet the magnification is only 10x (visible to you and I). I like the mixture of regularity and irregularity as well as the thick and colourful bubble walls.


Dr Pedro Barrios-Perez

Subject Matter: Silicon dioxide on polydimethylglutarimide-based resist
Technique: Brightfield
Awarded: 12th Place

I love Dr. Pedro Barrios-Perez’s two tone brightfield image is really intruiging. A glutarimide is a chemical compound made of hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen on which the silica sits. The top and bottom boundaries of the image are neat and tidy and improve the effect.


Eckhard Voelcker

Subject Matter: Fargesia murielae (bamboo) stem cross section
Technique: Autofluorescence
Awarded: Image of Distinction

Eckhard Voelcker’s cross-section of bamboo has great colouring and even to someone with experience in biology only up to GCSE the xylem and phloem are clear. Looking at how the cells arrange themselves and manage to minimise¬† the perimeter is really interesting.


Dr Edward Leighman Gafford

Subject Matter: Recrystallized sulphur
Technique: Polarized Light
Awarded: Image of Distinction

Dr. Edward Leighman Gafford takes first prize from me with his rainbow coloured stand of sulphur. The composition, angles and contrasting black with bright colours all add up to create a beautiful image casting an inspiring view of chemistry.

You can see all the 2013 winners here or my previous post about the Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competion 2007.

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