100th post

This is Post number 100 on my blog! And a great excuse to recap some of my favourite artists and give an update on their work.


My first post featured one of my favourite artists, Fabien Ofener, who mixes Ferrofluid, paint and magnets to create the wonderful microscopic patterns. This set the tone as an art blog with a bias for science. I’ve gone on to feature Fabian again in my top bubble photographs and top high-speed photographs.

My Top 5 series has provided a great opportunity to explore how different artists use the same tools to produce different results.


The image above is a recent addition from artist Jon Smith a very close second in my Top 5: Highspeed Photography post and overall an artists who I continue to enjoy seeing new work.

Another series ‘Maths in Art‘ currently totalling 4 posts explores the relationship between my degree subject Mathematics and Art.


Sometimes simple ideas are the best and block colours really grab my attention, the following gallery shows some of my favourite digital art.

There’s been many more artists I blogged about but there’s not room for 100 pictures on here.

I’ve already got some great ideas for more posts and I hope the next 100 are just as good as first.

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