Top 5: Food Art

This Top 5 is about edible art. All of these artists create temporary pieces which they then eat. There’s a surprising amount out there so I’ve grouped some artists together. It’s rather a long article, but trust me that it’s worth persevering to see No.s 2 and 1.


Mr Kawasumi Panda

Creative sushi rolls (maki sushi) are very popular. The panda above was created by Mr Kawasumi and the globe and representation of Munch’s The Scream are by Takayo Kiyota.

Takayo Kiyota World Sushi

Takayo Kiyota Munch


In the video below is a dad has drawn over 1000 images to decorate his children’s lunches. Or if you find the commentary too annoying there’s a better non-embedable version here


Brock Davis is a bit of a hit on Instagram for his little fun pictures.

Brock Davies

Brock Davis 2


Gokcebag 1

Perhaps moving from fun to more serious Sakir Gökçebag has a Goldsworthy feel with his take on food art.

Gokcebag 3

Gokcebag 2

Sticking with an Andy Goldsworthy-esque theme Florent Tanet’s apples below merge into one super-fruit.

Tanet 7



Ida Skivenes created The Art Toast Project where she recreates famous artworks on her toast.


Her other work also involves rearranging food on a plate, linking nicely to joint No.1 Yong Hi below

Hong Yi 1 Hong Yi 2

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