Peter Schafrick

Adding to my growing collection of highspeed photograph artists is Peter Schafrick, concentrating on paint splashes Peter has a colourful and dramatic portfolio.

Shimmering Light

Peter resides in Canada so the maple leaf with it’s colour being drained is probably more than just a pretty picture.


A lot of Schafrick’s work is completed for advertisements leading the direction he takes.


This splash to be used in an updated Cargill logo  I think is particularly well fitted.

But the more exciting work is what Peter does when he’s not tied to a brief:


In a project he’s named ‘Toys’ a specially built catapult flings spinning paint-soaked objects through the air. The cold blue and brilliant yellow paint on the dolls head act as extensions for the hair creating this strange image.


You can view Peter’s website at and watch the high frame rate video below

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