Alexis Persani & Léo Caillard

Statue 1

Together Alexis Persani and Léo Caillard re-dressed some well known statues at the Louvre, Calliard took the images and Persani digitally added fashionable clothing worn by Parisians.

Statue 5

The results are flawless as though the statues actually had been dressed up. The contrast between old and new, and seeing people thousands of years old dressed like freinds or colleges is curious and refreshing.

Separately Caillard also created some spectacular illusory landscapes (Great in fullscreen):

Caillard Landscape 1

Bringing together iconic skyliners from around the world, what seems at first glance quite ordinary is packed with fun little details. I love how buildings are squeezed under the legs of the Eiffel Tower.

Caillard Landscape 2

Again fantastic, my favourite feature is the 3 story high platform on which the entire city is held up above the historic site.

Persani too has his share of intriguing photoshopped projects. ‘Big Babyz’ literally sees babies blown out of proportion.


The child’s expression in the photo above perfectly conjurers up how the baby might react to the strange environment, crawling about studying his miniature parents.

You can see more from Alexis here and from Léo here.

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