Henrique Oliveira

I’ve previously looked at Valerie Hegarty’s sculptures of frames that turned into living branches, now, in a similar way, Henrique Oliveira has given this building the appearance that the supporting beams have become an entangled knot of roots.


Baitogogo’ is a ‘Gordian Knot’, which basically means that even if roots were super flexible and stretchy you couldn’t undo the knot. (A sneaky bit of mathematics there)

Tapumes - Capa dos Leoes

Tapumes – Capa dos Leoes

Using large quantities of plywood Oliveira’s installations take over buildings like a life-form spilling out of it’s shell or a cake overflowing the tin.


I think this twisted trunk or root that seems to have ploughed through this building is fantastic. The building is not a obstacle but a means of climbing higher for whatever leviathan plant it’s holding up.

Alley Abcesco

Henrique says there is no hidden meaning in his work, it’s created just for show. ‘Alley Abcesco’ blends in so well with the surrounding walls it looks natural, like a bulging tree trunk.

Ursulinenus Prolapse Outside

‘Ursulinenus Prolapse’ spills out of the gallery creating an art piece viewers can walk inside.

The Origin of The Third World Interior

On the inside it’s very reminiscent of a Hepworth sculpture or the columns inside a cave.

There’s loads more excellent instillations like this at henriqueoliveira.com.

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