Top 5: Mosaïcultures Internationales de Montréal 2013

Terre Mere

Mother Earth – MIM

Mosaïcultures Internationales Montréal (MIM) is a horticultural arts festival running from June to September.

Over 200 artists contribute to the event representing 20 countries. Below are my top 5.



‘Farmers: The people who feed the planet’ from California, USA is a great scene depicting a farmer loading his produce in the back of his van.



Hamamtsu, Japan entered a turtle leaping from a piano (and why not?!) named ‘Le Piano et Le Tortue’


Green MAn

‘Spirits of the Wood‘ from MIM (Qubec, Canada) presents a fantastic realisation of the mythical Green Man.



‘The Man Who Planted Trees’ is again sculpted by MIM, they’re obviously proud of it as it’s pasted all over their marketing material.


Bejing 2

‘Le phénix’ from Bejing, China is my favourite entry.

Bejing Guy Boile



For a full list of contributing artists or to see more photos visit

Below are a few more of interest:


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