Goodwood FOS 2013 Highlights

The Festival of Speed is an annual event, now in its 20th year, held at Goodwood in the south of England. As the name suggests it celebrates speed having an emphasis on cars with top names racing up Lord Marsh’s driveway in a time-trial.


This post looks at some of the highlights from an artist’s perspective.


Popbang Colour, an artist with admiration for cars, was tasked with decorating Volks Wagon’s new Golf GTI, he used a mixture of car tyres and pallet knifes to create the masterpiece.


In terms of car design the French have had the edge for a while, Citroën have been using matte black with a hint of colour on sleek smooth curved cars for at least a few years (See the new purple roofed DS3 below) and now Pergeot have gone one step further with their beautiful, fully functioning,  carbon fibre and copper Onyx concept.




I’ve been considering a top 5 car designs for a while so look out for it in the future. Below are a couple more interesting cars and abstracts I took.


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