Top 5: Highspeed Photographs

It seems high speed photography is almost solely used for explosions and there’s certainly no lack of action in my top 5. It was really tough choosing an order this time as they are all so fantastic.



Linden Gledhill created this shot as part of a Canon PIXMA advert by placing inks on a speaker they remind me a lot of the shots by Corrie White.

Here’s the advert:


Midicina Rossa

Alberto Seveso captures the jets and swirls of coloured varnish as it is dropped into  fish bowl, the result is some fantastical cloud like forms such as in ‘Medicina Rossa’.



Fabian Oefner is back! I couldn’t resist including these great shots of paint spinning of a drill for his latest project ‘Black Hole’, it’s sort of like a 3D spiral art.


Jon Smith2

Jon Smith creates some fantastic colourful images by filling light bulbs with various items, turning them on and waiting until they explode. They all look fantastic, ‘Splitting Headache’ above stands out, the simple combination of red and white is effective and to me the left half of the glass appears to have humanistic features, like a skull or gas mask. There are so many more great shots like this on Jon’s Flick Photostream



Tim Tadder burst a number of water filled balloons over the heads of bald men and women for his projects ‘Water Wigs’ and Water Wigs Women’. The lighting and expressions make a fun idea really great, my number 1 in fact.

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