Top 5: Art Basel Hong Kong 2013

Art Basel is an annual arts show taking place in Basel (Switzerland) and Miami Beach and in 2013 for the first time Art Basel exhibited in HKCEC, Hong Kong. The exhibits included big names such as Hepworth, Warhol and Bacon as well as hundreds of other artists racking up a total over over 2500 exhibits. Here’s a Top 5:


art-basel-hong-kong-2013-best-of-by-yatzer-97 Yan Bing

Yan Bing’sTools’ (No.1 to No.12) features an interesting collection of tools dressed in suits, each one seems to have a unique personality.

They are all created by filling wire frames with straw and dressing them with fabric.


Lucio Fontana

Lucio Fontana was an Italian artist in the mid 19th century, currently owned by Galerie Hans Mayer in Germany  the ‘Spatial Concept’ series is a simple, effective collection of painted canvases slashed by a knife. They art part of the Spatialism movement founded by Fontana himself, the shapes of the canvas as they curl to their optimum shape is really intriguing.


Jung Lee

Meaningful neon words are quite popular in the world of post modernism. I like this seemingly random composition of lights ‘Day and Night #3′ by Jung Lee with the reflection in the water.


Eddie Kang

I really like Eddie Kang’s ‘In the middle of ‘the paint on  canvas looks like an engraving, and the red doll on top of the monochrome canvas is a great eye catcher.


beetle sphere

My favourite piece at the exhibition is this spherical VW beetle ‘Beetle Sphere’ by Ichwan Noor. The misshapen parts perfectly compliment the archetypal curves of the vehicle


I think Beetles look really great anyway but this really emphasises the beauty since all usefulness is removed. The sphere is also described as a bullet, it’s great to imagine this shooting through the air or rolling along the ground.


As well as the sphere is this cube shaped beetle, I dislike this as for me the beetle is great because of it’s curves. The cube may have been more suited to an old Ford.

The exhibition ran from May 23rd to 26th. Here are a couple more highlights, hundreds more on the Art Basel website.

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