Takanori Aiba

Two things that really fascinate me are tree houses and bonsai, Takanori Aiba has combined the two in his fantastic Bonsai Series.


Bonsai B above looks even more elaborate than any dream tree house imagined by the most optimistic children.


It’s not just bonsai that Abia creates structures around the Ice Cream Packages Tower looks to me like a fantastical ice cream shop in the ultimate tourist destination where to keep up with business the extensions to the shop have become out of hand stacked and balanced with more stories where ever they can be positioned. Staircases and balconies winding maze like up to the small tower at the top.


This concept for a possible future creation McDonalds Circus Resort has an incredible selection of theme park rides crammed into a tight spot.

More of Aiba’s work can be found on his website, I’ve picked a couple more images for the gallery below.

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