When I’m looking for art that ‘stands out’ for a new post what I really mean is something interesting, clever or colourful. Carnovsky, art duo Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla, certainly fall into the colourful category. Overlaying three single colour images they create ‘RGB Images’


The images contain some recognisable shapes in a heavy mix of colour. Interestingly, if you hold a red, green or blue filter up to the images you view just one single image, what better excuse to eat a Strawberry Delight Quality Street


I personally prefer the less cluttered images with a larger proportion of white, the fish above in particular have a fantastic balance of colour.


In case you don’t have a readily available collection of coloured filters above is Vesalio, a hand knotted rug, seen through different filters.

As always Carnovsky have a number more images on their website as well as an assortment of handbags inspired by birdcages, I recommend going there for the RGB series.

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