Top 5: Pencil Sculptures

My previous post looked at Callesen‘s sculptures made entirely from a single sheet of paper, by contrast here are some artists who have used solely pencil and glue to create some fantastic art. There are hundreds of artist who have used pencils as a medium in their own right, I have chosen my favourite five.



Lionel Bawden creates colourful abstract sculptures layering numerous pencils such as in Flipside above. Find more on his website.


crayon-5-600x400 diem

Diem Chau works with pencils and crayons to create small pocket sized sculptures. The variation of colours in the Crayola wax crayons calls to the viewer just as it did when we saw the uncarved crayons as children.


These carved pencil nibs are great too. See more here.



Dalton Ghetti is probably the biggest name when it comes to pencil sculpture owing to the incredible detail found in his work.



Cerkahegyzo is another artist choosing to work at minute levels of detail. I really like how this snake seems to have burst from the pencil.


As far as I am aware Cerkahegyzo is only on Deviant Art



The top spot goes to Jeniffer Maestre, her unique style is is most appealing and unlike a couple of the other sculptures we’ve seen, these retain a their points are still identifiable as pencils.jen

Her website has other pencil sculptures as well as nail sculptures in a similar style.

To finish off this pencil oriented post is a stop-motion music video created by Jonathan Chong for Australian band Hudson.


3 responses to “Top 5: Pencil Sculptures

  1. Loved the all of the pencil art and awesome to have discovered Hudson, great music, Thanks for sharing, Peace J.A.M.

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