Ann Hamilton

Ann Hamilton’s recent project ‘The Event of a Thread’ is an interactive visual exhibition full of movement, pulleys and other mechanisms.

What could simply be described as an unenthused playground has fascinated visitors with it’s tranquil, flowing movements and intricate connections.

I imagine I’d really enjoy being there, the giant swings look fun as well as relaxing, but is it really art? What can you read into this amalgam of metal and string? The gentle calm from a peaceful day at sea? The chaotic ‘butterfly and hurricane effect’ constantly occurring in our fragile universe? Well those weren’t Hamilton’s intentions, the swings are there to let you experience the feel of… swinging.

Another of her projectsCorpusis a room full of fallen paper. Whilst some clever photography (by Thibault Jeanson / Arthur Evans) can make it look impressive there’s nothing much there. Of the project she says “You can see the paper as empty of words or full of space … for the blank paper, like the open mouth, is the possibility of speaking or writing.” in many ways like her portfolio just waiting for a spark of creativity.

Art is often an idea encompassed in a casing of waffle, but I don’t believe Ann Hamilton has that creative mindset just an ability to create a whole heap of waffle.

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