Kinetica Art Fair 2013

Kinetica is a London based art fair which combines art with science. You may remember my post last Sunday about Gregory Barsamian his animated sculpture ‘Die Falle’ is one of the exhibits. Keeping with the frame-motion theme is Wendy Marvel and Mark Arnon Rosen’s Mechanical Flipbook – ‘Horse in Motion’.

The animated horse in itself is not a hugely creative accomplishment, yet the framing in the rugged black box transforms it into something worthy of it’s place on Kinetica’s walls. You could go so far as to say that even without the drawings the mechanics hold their own beauty, and certainly they create a wonderful sound. The central positioning of the horse, however, is a great feature, spread across both visible sheets of paper. The movement between the three boxes adds to the quirkiness much more than if the horse just raced the same distance over one long flip-book.

‘Fiet’ by Dutch duoToer’ is an interactive sculpture which responds to the level of sound, the fluid motion gives the object a sense of animalistic life.

Finally another exhibitor Alex Allmont creates musical Lego sculptures! Using the Technical cogs he builds complex structures to produce a sequence of sound. His exhibit ‘All Work, No Play’ is admittedly a little slow paced, so instead I have choosen to post the equally slow paced yet more interestingMusic of The Gears’.


Kinetica exhibited between 27th Feb and 3rd March, more information on the fair and exhibitors can be found here.

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