Top 5: 3d Drawings

I haven’t posted a top 5 for a while (in fact this is the first, previously I’ve only done a top 3) so let’s have a look at some realistic 3D drawings.

Whilst realism is a very impressive skill I prefer art with some creativity. The following five artists use both to create both stunning and interesting art which jumps out from the page.



Ramon Bruin  makes great use of shadows to give his drawings life.



Did I say drawings?Well in the loose sense of the word, TFSLab‘s graffiti is certainly 3-dimensional and the choice of colourful canvas (room)  is just as important as getting the perspective right. In fact I like these so much here’s another for good measure.French-street-art-duo-TSF-Crew-090-mask2



After trawling through hundreds of illusions of holes in various pavements I settled on this by Kurt Weener


Fredo28Fredo’s often sinister drawings are incredibly detailed and very clever. inc__by_fredoart-d57whzq

This one has a hint of Escher in the winding staircases.



Italian graffiti artist Peeta takes the top spot. Often simple is better and, with a lack of colour, this wall art is no exception. What appears to be a sculpture is in fact a two dimensional painting, the intricate and beautiful shape is perfectly formed, even after looking for a long time I struggle to comprehend that I’m not actually looking at a sculpture.

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