Frans Muhren


Frans Muhren is a Dutch artist working creating colourful sculptures from acrylic and other materials. Of his work he says “I want to avoid clichés to create something that does not yet exist“.


This Hepworth-esque  wooden sculpture ‘Oskarchen’ does just that with his iconic straggly curves you’ll see in the following pieces.

Serpentine 9A

This piece ‘Serpentine’ is visually appealing, with it’s bright colours twisting so that we see all sides of the shape at once.


‘Cerberusa’ is Muhren’s interpretation of the of the three headed Greek guard dog. The tangled limbs and flaming tail perfectly suit a guardian of the underworld.


This piece, slightly less abstract, emanates royalty and instantly say Egyptian, yet at the same time it has kept some of Frans’s colour and individuality.

Mobius reizenA

This clever sculpture shows a pyramid walking around a Mobius curve. The shape only has one side and so the pyramid will laps both the inside and out. The curved base helps the imagination visualise the curve rotating as the feet take steps along it.

There are plenty more fun sculptures as well as some great paintings over at Muhren’s Website.

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