Wordle, created by Jonathan Feinberg, is a brilliant tool that lets you create Word Clouds from a passage of text, or from an RSS feed. It picks out the top words from the text a creates a stunning visualisation.

Here are two clouds made from the feed of this blog:

Wordle2  Wordle

I really enjoyed playing around with the app, the amount of variation possible is brilliant, and the clouds take in one image the very essence of my blog. I expected that the images would point out some words I used too often, but in fact each word makes me remember a different artist, and that’s what I think is great!

The next cloud summaries the last couple of days from my Facebook feed:


and then finally, a little insight into my timeline. I have removed all the Facebook associated words such as ‘like’, ‘comment’, ‘promote’ etc.


This reminds me of Hetain Patel’s ‘Love and Marriage since to me and my friends the words might mean something but to anyone else it really is just a bunch of words.

If you’d like to try out Wordle just click here, it’s very easy to use.

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