Theo Jansen

The other day I came across a great beach sculpture which triggered a vivid memory. A fantastical landscape inhabited by an assortment feral wind powered structures.

This memory was of ‘Strandbeest’, plastic monsters built single handedly by Theo Jansen. The real beauty of the creatures is in their motion, be prepared for a video overload.

Theo explains “Since 1947 Dutch law has decreed that this strandbeest-yellow-tube be used to conduct electricity cables in houses. So it is very cheap.”

This video in particular shows the seemingly natural, fluid leg movement mastered by Theo. To add to the illusion of independence the beast stops and starts with the changing wind.

This creature looks to me like an amalgamation of half a dozen giraffes.

In a departure from the pvc tubes this rhino has a magical movement. The panels give it more of a solid look.

There are plenty more videos and photos as well as explanations to the movement over on Theo’s webpage.

Please note that in the videos some structures were assisted by humans.

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