Gerrel Saunders

Gerrel Saunders latest project is ‘Goldie’, a series of golden illustrated lips and teeth, it manages to sum up a persons expression using only the mouth. It’s great how we have a visual interface built in, anyone around the world of almost any age can communicate without any language or cultural barrier.

Most of Gerrel’s other work includes skulls dressed up in an abundance of colour. It reminds me of the Mexican Day of the Dead festival, celebrating death.

This image ‘Skull Candy Delight’ with a skull and crossed bones atop brilliantly coloured scoops of ice cream is simultaneously mouthwatering and morbid. The skull is filled with a sugary looking substance which leaks out like tears. The transparency in the bones suggest it could be constructed like a boiled sweet (hard candy). I wonder what the brain tastes like (a foam shrimp perhaps).

There’s lots more to see here!


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