Sakke Soini

Sakke Soini is a graphics design artist, his work is often used in advertising.

He created the bottom half to this series of adverts for Ray-Ban. My favourite kind of future is the shiny, electric hologram one, and this is present in lots of Sakke’s work.

This Unicorn is from Sakkes’s series ‘Retro Futurism’ I absolutely love the power and regality seen in it’s stance. The series is aboutexploring the future, seen with the eyes of the past.” says Sakke. I think people of the past would have looked at this with awe, the dramatic skies and hints of mystique convey both fear and excitement.

This illustration is visually stunning and the scene truly dramatic. But what does it say to you about life, humanity and the future, let me know in the comments below.

Sakke can be found here on Behance, please do have a look.

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