Strook blends graphic design and street art, working on paper, canvas and glass.

This wolf is beautifully angular and space age. It could be said to be metal were it not for the life radiating from its eyes.

This Friis Co shop window is adorned with Strook’s robots, spilling limbs and gadgets in all directions.

One of Strook’s wall graffiti is colourful and eyecatching.

What I really think sets Strook’s work apart is his ‘Reverse Art’ It really shows creativity, blasting moss off a wall to create his art. I love how the pressure washer jets perfectly straight lines onto the wall, seemingly finding order in amongst the chaos.

Thinking deeper one could find an underlying message, the city scene is of course carved out from where nature previously stood…

Make sure to check out more of Strook on his site and like him on Facebook.

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