Top 3: Bubble photographs.

This blog is a quick look at some brilliant bubble photos.

I don’t claim to have seen even 1% of all the bubble photos on the net, but I’ve certainly trailed though many and these are my three favorites.

First up is Bjoern Ewers (who you’ll find  here) his photos capture stunningly coloured bubbles and really speak professionalism. I love the perfect sphericality to this particular shot.

Fabien Oefner (featured previously here) capture similar style images as of Bjoern. I have picked out this particular shot of a number of bubbles because of the range of hues , to me they look like many eyes staring out of the dark (perhaps a cave full of Cyclops). View more of his work on his website.

Jason Tozer takes brilliant bubble close up, capturing the colours with fascinating detail, they seem almost solid in macro and could easily be mistaken for images of distant planets and this shot makes a great third choice.

And as a special bubbly bonus; this videoCompressed 02′ from Kim Pimmel is a fantastic exploration using colours and a magnet and ferrofluid colours (The same liquid Fabien Oefner used to create the wonderful images from my first blog.

Compressed 02 from Kim Pimmel on Vimeo.

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